The children prepare food in the classroom beginning in September when we learn about all the different types of apples and make applesauce.  We wash, peel, cook, and strain the apples, add a little cinnamon and delicious! 

In October we prepare cornbread when we learn about the Native Americans and the food they ate.  We try to prepare it as close as possible to the way they did!  We make vegetable soup a couple times a year.  The children themselves wash, peel, chop, the vegetables, we use a slow cooker in the classroom, and the next day we enjoy the soup! 
We have a hydroponics unit in our classroom and we grow lettuce and tomatoes during the winter months and we make salad, with homemade dressing and the children love it! 

We also have an outside garden and the children plant, water, cultivate, weed, and harvest such  vegetables as lettuce, beans, tomatoes, peppers, etc. and we make salad from our outside garden as well.  The children also plant and grow cucumbers. We pick the cucumbers and prepare pickling juice and we make pickles.  The children love them! 
Food Preparation In The Classroom

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