The Montessori primary program is a three year experience culminating with Kindergarten.  The Montessori materials and procedures that the child has performed during the past two years in preschool puts each child in a positive position to achieve optimum academic learning during their kindergarten year.
Another reason the Montessori Kindergarten is unique and very beneficial to the individual kindergartener, is that their personal status in their classroom is one of leadership and prestige.  Each child’s self image and esteem grows by leaps and bounds because they are now the oldest in their classroom and their classmates look up to them with respect as leaders.  Each kindergartener feels this leadership position within the group and becomes more mature and responsible regarding his/her academic and social achievements. 
The child has built concentration skills and has developed confidence in their own abilities to be successful.  Combined now with a comprehensive curriculum for reading and math, the child takes off into an explosion of learning and they begin reading and performing math exercises with understanding and enthusiasm.   
These years spent in our Montessori preschool classroom come together in this unique Kindergarten setting and prepare the children for an easy transition into a more traditional type of learning experience with great excitement and success!  Most children are reading within three months of beginning Kindergarten!  Kindergarteners learn much basic information during this most important year.  Remember:  “Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten” holds true here!  Attitudes toward learning are now formed and the positive experiences at “Hinder them not” allow each child to begin his/her academic career with true, whole learning experiences that develop an interest and appreciation for life, learning, and the world around them.     
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