Dear Parents,

“Hinder them not” Montessori School is a Montessori/Christian school that was founded in 1999 with the purpose and intent of giving each child the opportunity to grow and become who he or she was created to become, without loss of individuality, spirituality, fun, or academic opportunity.  In this educational environment, each child is given enough freedom to achieve self-discipline and independence, with enough structure to develop responsibility and respect.  Our first and primary goal is to allow high self-esteem and confidence to develop within the child.  Our second primary goal is for the child to develop the ability to concentrate on a chosen task.  The Montessori Method is based on developing high self-esteem, confidence, and concentration abilities but also features a strong academic foundation.  These characteristics of high self-esteem, confidence, and concentration skills operating together in the child give him the opportunity to become all he was created to become.
The classroom is divided into six main areas:  Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Math,  Art, and Science.  There is also a large library, puzzle area, and block area.  Each section consists of shelves at the child’s eye level, so he can choose for himself the work he will do.  This is done out of respect for the child.  Dr. Montessori knew that within each child, is the drive to explore and learn.  Also, within each child, are individual gifts and talents.  The child intuitively knows what is of interest to him and what he is developmentally ready to learn.  To make him practice writing letters when he wants to build a tower with blocks would frustrate him, especially if he could not yet physically write letters, and would “turn him off” to learning and to school.  To allow him to choose his own work helps the child to feel autonomous and respected, and he will choose work he is developmentally ready to learn, work he is interested in, and he will be successful in his endeavor and feel satisfied and confident in himself.  Dr. Montessori said “The most favorable time to teach a child something is when they want to learn it.”

Each child works independently, or with other children as she may choose.  Dr. Montessori knew that children, even of the same age, are not developmentally identical and therefore lessons are not usually given to the whole class at once but rather individual lessons are given when the child shows signs that she is ready to learn a particular skill.  One child at the age of four may still be learning his numbers 1-10, whereas another child of the same age may be working with numbers up to 100.  These children will work side-by-side in the classroom with the joy of accomplishing their own work.  If lessons were given to the whole class at once, one child might feel inadequate while the other would be held back.

“Hinder them not” believes wholeheartedly in the Montessori Philosophy and Method.  There is no compromise when it comes to the well being of the child.  I am the main teacher in the classroom, and I personally assure you that your child will be cared for always with the highest regard and love.  See you at school…


Sally McGeehan

Preparing Children for Life...
Letter From Ms. Sally
We recognize that each child desires to learn and grow so we prepare an environment suited for their needs.  The first Montessori school was called a “Children’s House”, and we still believe children need their own place; safe and convenient, where they can practice basic life skills and enjoy the interesting work provided for them as they learn and grow.
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