School Discipline Policy
committed to the discipline of the child that always dignifies and respects their own inner guidance and self-directed purpose for harmony, order, cooperation and love towards their environment. Adults only interact with children to support self-discipline    in children and to assure their compliance and cooperation with necessary procedures and proper behavior through such positive means as example, clear directions, reasoning, distraction, reflective language and questioning. 
This is how the The Montessori Peace Rose works:
The children that are having a conflict go and get the rose.
The child holding the rose speaks and when finished gives the rose to the other child, who then has his opportunity to speak.  They pass the rose back and forth and take turns speaking until they work out the conflict.
When they have finished talking, they shake hands and say "friends".
We have very few discipline problems in our classroom because our classroom is a peaceful place, a busy place, and a place where children are basically considerate of each other.  We are all friends and fighting of any type is not tolerated.   The  Montessori Method allows self-discipline  to develop in the child, so our children generally use self-discipline when there is a conflict.  Our school is
After talking it out, all three boys hold the peace rose together, and say "Peace".
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