Thank you for providing my daughter with a wonderful knowledge base with which to enter first grade.  Amber was far and away one of the most educationally prepared students in her first grade class.  It has made her transition into first grade a true breeze.   Most of the students in her class are learning to read, and working with beginning reading texts, but thanks to the Montessori method, Amber is easily reading at a second grade level.   Amber is extremely comfortable with this knowledge and is confident in her own ability.  Most importantly for me though, is that the Montessori method of independent study and thoughtful inquiry coupled with self -discipline and confidence has become a way of life for my daughter.  I fully expect that her own inner drive for knowledge and challenge, combined with her self-confidence will lend her success in her every endeavour.  I attribute this attitude toward learning and constant drive for excellence to her early exposure to the wonderful concepts associated with a Montessori education.                                                       Kristen Bretz, Cranford
What a true treasure “Hinder them not” has been for our family! Joey started his Montessori experience when he was three years old. At that time the method was a little new to us and to him as well, but the results were tremendous. Almost immediately Joey started to show signs of growth not only socially, but emotionally and academically. He reacted well to the self paced environment and would take the time he needed to complete tasks in school as well in the home. Ms. Sally has been a wonderful teacher. She has allowed him to grow at his own pace and has guided him to become a confident, caring individual. His kindergarten year was particularly wonderful. Ms. Sally provided a full day of learning, resulting in his ability to read and perform addition, subtraction and multiplication. As a senior member 
My family and I are so grateful for being a part of the “Hinder them not” family. Our daughter Thalia has blossomed so much over the last three years at your school. She is bright, confident and independent. Thalia is now in the first grade and is reading on a third grade level. Thalia is also one of the brightest math students. Her current teachers ask us “What school did Thalia attend? She is one of the best students that I've ever had!” We love you Ms Sally for helping Thalia blossom! We owe it all to you!                                                                                 Caroline Grandinetti, Westfield
My husband and I have five children. My husband attended Montessori school as a child and feels it has had a lifelong effect on his work, habits, and parenting. We sent our older two children to Montessori from ages 3-6. They are now in 9th and 6th grades, and carry with them an enthusiasm for learning, creative thinking habits, and self motivation that I know come from this wonderful education. When we moved to Maplewood, NJ, in 2002, we were so thankful to find “Hinder them not”. Our daughter Eleanor attended for two years of preschool and one year of kindergarten and is now in 1st grade at our local public school. Her education at “Hinder them not” was such a wonderful journey for her, and prepared her so well for grade school. Ms Sally and the other teachers have such wonderful  enthusiasm for 
Our daughter spent three years at “Hinder them not” Montessori School.  She is now in the third grade and is a straight “A” student, and we owe this all to her first years at this school.  She just loves learning and we love Ms. Sally for giving our daughter this amazing educational experience.  I cannot say enough about this wonderful school.                       Donna Kolar, Colonia
My daughter Alexis began school at “Hinder them not”, 3 years ago and will be graduating kindergarten this year. As far as a beginning for any child, there is no better program than The Montessori Method. Montessori succeeds, while others attempt. Any child will learn and develop not only educationally, but also socially and emotionally. “Hinder them not” to me, is the best Montessori has to offer. Based on Christian values, Sally McGeehan has perfected the art of teaching and treating each child as an individual. This is such a rarity today. To myself as a parent, the most important part of my daughter's development as a child and individual could not have succeeded anywhere else. “Hinder them not” has been much more than a school for my daughter and myself. It's home, that's the best way I can describe it. I am so disheartened that our time here is coming to an end, but forever grateful to have been here.                                                        Victor Costello, Kenilworth
My daughter Justine began pre-school at “Hinder them Not” in September 2006. Throughout the school year she has grown so much. Justine clearly has a strong sense of self.  When she began, she was the only African-American child in the class and I was worried as to whether she would adjust. She is however well adjusted and confident. She is very inquisitive and demonstrates a thirst for knowledge. She looks forward to school every day. I am thankful to Ms. Sally and her staff for my daughter's achievements.  Dominique Joseph, Woodbridge
We are so grateful that we found Hinder them not” Montessori Preschool for our daughter.  She has been in Ms. Sally’s class for almost two years now and at the age of 4-1/2 she knows the sounds of all 26 letters, can count to over 100, and can even read simple sentences.  Sending our daughter to this school we believe was a “life changing” decision for her life because she has developed a love for school and a love of learning, and we believe this will impact her future positively.  Wen Kwan, Edison
of the class, he enhanced his leadership ability and continues to display the confidence he learned from the experience to this day. Outings to the Statue of Liberty and the Observatory were real-life educational events that he is sure to remember for years to come. He transitioned well into public school first grade and ranks near the top of his class for academic performance. We are so proud of him, proud of his school and proud of his teacher for these wonderful opportunities we've been given in these critical years. Joey has really flourished and we know it has everything to do with the solid foundation that “Hinder them not” has provided for him.                Kimberly Lopes, Cranford
knowledge that it just draws the children in. At the same time, they do not coddle, but respectfully help each child to take their place as a responsible and important member of the classroom, and therefore, the world. Personal and social responsibility and respect for others and the classroom environment are some hallmarks of a Montessori education. Kindergarten at “Hinder them not” was a wonderful experience. Eleanor was so well prepared for 1st grade. Ms Sally is careful not just to make sure her kindergarten children are prepared academically, but socially, emotionally, and physically as well. Eleanor was a very young 1st grader, and is still the youngest in her class, but has adjusted quickly and well to her 
new school and shows a maturity and confidence that many of her older peers lack. Eleanor is the best 6-year-old reader we have ever had in our house, and all of our kids have been great readers. She continues to flourish socially and academically and I attribute these things to the excellent education she received at “Hinder them not”, especially during kindergarten, and to Ms. Sally's particular talent as a reading teacher. Our son Gabriel is in kindergarten this year and we see him making the same amazing leaps with his own personal flair. He is already an amazing and self-motivated reader. Many people ask us why we bother to driver so far (about 20 minutes) for preschool and also pay for kindergarten, since we live in Maplewood and have one of the best school districts in the state where we could send our children for free. It is because these years are some of the most important  in their lives, and we know that this is the best for our children. If you know something is the best for your child, you find a way to make it work.                                    Cecilia Jaworski, Maplewood

"If you know something is the best for your child, you find a way to make it work." 
 - Cecilia Jaworski, Maplewood
Our children attended "Hinder them not" for three years and my husband and I are so glad we gave them such a good foundation for life.
Our daughter was only 2-1/2 and our son was 3-1/2 years old when they started school. Both of them were quite shy but were very eager to learn.  "Hinder them not" provided a safe and nurturing place for them.  Ms. Sally taught them self-discipline and they both now have a love for learning.  They have flourished in social skills and academics.  The peace and orderliness they exhibit at home is due to their Montessori experience.  Thank you Ms. Sally.

Our son Samuel finished kindergarten in June 2009 reading at a 2nd grade level. He also learned arithmetic, telling time and many other subjects kindergarteners don't usually learn, and he learned how to be a fair playmate. -- Our daughter Sophia finished prekindergarten reading simple books and she has developed  good reasoning skills.  
I greatly recommend "Hinder them not" because our children both now have a love for learning.  Ms. Sally has taught them academics as well as  moral values and has been a wonderful teacher.                                   Noemi & Nelson Ilagan, Union

them not" for helping Owen to learn and grow in so many different areas.  Of course, Owen finished Kindergarten with a mastery of the basic skills that are needed for first grade - reading, math, writing - but, like his fellow Kindergarten students, excels in each of them.  He does second-grade level math in his head, read over 100 books during his kindergarten year and kept a journal throughout.  His curiosity and desire to learn was fostered so much that he regularly has taught me new things about space, ecology, cultures, history, current events, animals, and so much more.
Even more impressive for me has been the character and life skills that I saw Owen and his friends develop at "Hinder them not".  Never before have I seen a group of young children so respectful, kind, peaceful and organized.  They treat each other kindly, keep their classroom organized, follow instructions and feel comfortable with themselves.  The self-guided learning nurtured by the Montessori method helped them to become independent and self-confident, and I saw that not only with our son, but with his friends as well.
Our family is so grateful for all that Owen learned and grew into at "Hinder them not" that we began to send our daughter Ella there as well.  In her first year, we saw her growth and curiousity begin and we look forward to see who she becomes there as well.                                                                                  Jill and Hoover Herrera, Roselle Park
Our son Owen spent three wonderful  years at "Hinder them not" completing Kindergarten 2 months ago in June 2009.  My husband and I gave great consideration to whether and where we would send Owen to preschool.  It was only when we found Ms. Sally and "Hinder them not" we knew that we had found the place for him to spend these important years.  I think the best way to summarize it is that Ms. Sally helped Owen to become the best version of himself.  
Prior to witnessing Owen's experience there, I had been under the impression that these early years were simply for playing and learning how to interact with others.  What I've since come to understand is that these truly are the most important years for a child's development, and I am so, so grateful to "Hinder 
Our two boys, Jack and Brian, started at "Hinder them not" Montessori School in February of 2007, and it has made all the difference in the world. As Parents, we would like to acknowledge the excellent foundation they received at "Hinder them not".
Within their first week at "Hinder them not" in Kenilworth, NJ, Jack and Brian realized that this school was different, and they seemed to embrace all that it had to offer. We could sense in Brian, a pre-schooler at the time, a more calm, receptive person, one who would ask us to look into his eyes and shake his hand. As he developed his vocabulary, we were proud of what he was saying, the way he said it, and how much of it related to what he had experienced at school. Jack too, used to dread school, but at six years old, Jack was reading, and he wrote in both print and cursive. He was doing math, including multiplication. He learned to tell time, read a thermometer, count money and knew all about the solar system!
Miss Sally, as an individual, brings into the classroom what few other schools can or will do: she subtly introduces morals and the basics of doing what is right. Both boys understand what it 
means to be charitable and are concerned for others in the world. Because of their experience with Miss Sally, we were able to see healthy, well-ajusted, happy boys who has conversations with us on al sorts of topics and told us enthusiastically about what they were engaged in during their day at school. They learned in a calm, nurturing environment and were taught manners, civility, and mutual respect. They now have a firm grounding in Christianity and received solid education with challenging curricula taught by a gifted teacher. Furthermore, the classroom setting, itself, is unique. It is a safe environment that is both clean and orderly, and the children are always involved and seemed fascinated by the work they choose to do. It makes me wish that my children could continue to have that kind of education experience.
We have become true believers in the Montessori educational philosophy because we have experienced it firsthand. As a teacher and guide, Miss Sally demonstrates genuine concern for her students, profound expertise, and vulnerable life lessons. We realize now what children are capable of doing and how stimulating and challenging learning can be. We are grateful that our children were able to attend Hinder Them Not and hope they carry with them the love of learning Miss Sally has so skillfully fostered in them.                                  Diane and Timothy McGovern, Roselle Park
Sending our children to Hinder Them Not Montessori School has been an enriching experience not only for our children but also for us as parents. We have learned to be better and more attentive parents through our experience at the Hinder them not. Ms. Sally and the teachers have a true commitment to the children. My older child attended the school for 3 years, including kindergarten. He is now a 4th grader in public school and is doing great. He has grown into such an intelligent, confident, caring and thoughtful young man. His love of learning that was nurtured at Hinder Them Not has stayed with him. He continues to thrive and is always excited to learn. Ms. Sally has created such a well thought out and stimulating environment where the children are truly able to grasp the concepts of this great big world in a very simple way. The teachers are nurturing and caring and treat each child as an individual. My younger child is currently in his 4th year 
at Hinder Them Not, in kindergarten. He enjoys learning & is progressing tremendously with his reading & math skills. The school concentrates on learning about their environment, including the planets, geography, gardening, cooking and so much more. This school provides a very safe environment where children are able to learn about the world around them and about themselves in a very non-intimidating way. Ms. Sally’s commitment to the children is greatly evident in her attention to detail in the classroom. Much thought is put into determining the lessons and work which is taught each day. We as parents have also learned so much about our child’s development and thought processes. Ms. Sally and the other teachers have provided valuable feedback about our children which in turn has helped us better understand their needs. For us Hinder Them Not and the teachers there have provided a valuable resource in helping us navigate through raising children and giving them the best of ourselves and the world to them.                                  Alka & Jagdeep Intwala , Union

Dear Ms. Sally, Savita and I are really grateful that Nirja has such a wonderful teacher like you.  We both feel blessed.  In our religion Guru (teacher) means a lot and all our lives we are thankful that our Guru has given us the best education and guidance.  Today on behalf of Nirja, I can say since she doesn't know the value of Guru that you, Ms. Sally, are the best Guru (teacher) a student can ever have. We were really touched when Nirja was trying to trace in cursive hand writing.  Today our Nirja  can read, count, write, sing the national anthem, and more. We owe it all to you. Thank you for everything that you have done for Nirja. 
                                                      Savita and Apurva Patel, Iselin

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